Thursday, July 28, 2016

Making Soap

Soapmaking is must know on the long list of "something from nothing's". A basic soap consists of three basic household ingredients: rendered fat (from cooking), lye (from wood ash), and water. I have always been afraid of using the Lye because of the caustic nature but after a conversation with my Grandma and a story of a traveling soap maker who would come through town once a year during the depression to make soap for the family, I felt compelled to learn. 

So far I have had no fails at the process and I am creating my own calculated recipes.

First batch basic in my hand crafted soap box. 


Rendered lard recipe old fashion soap

Colorant use

Wildcrafting herbal poison ivy relief soap. My own recipe.

Sweet orange


Teaching my children the chemistry and process

They want to create.

Peppermint and lavender

Soon my Etsy site will be flooded with soap. I have also had offers with a couple of Venders to make custom soap for the holiday season. We'll see what happens.

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