Thursday, January 28, 2016

A New Habitat and Memories for Us

The convo pit

The kitchen

The family room

Whats not to love about the new habitat...

We really love this space.

Now why did we give up the farm?  Our beautiful old dream house farm at Hillside...

This girl... our oldest  AKA #1 

We were a homeschooling family in a close knit Waldorf community at Hillside.  Our oldest decided she needed to go to school. That is a choice she wanted to make. We had to honor that choice. The school system in the district we resided in is in severe turmoil and by severe I mean it. We were overloaded on property taxes and couldn't afford to send all our children to the wonderful local Waldorf school.  So began the search for a large property and great schools. Boy we found it! A Mid-century Mod home with a lot of character and a secluded property backing up to 600 acres of preserved public land. Rad hunting land! 

There is enough property for us to farm, keep sheep, bees, rabbits and chickens and continue to homeschool and send #1 to school.  Win win for everyone right?  However this move has been very difficult. I don't like moving... I miss my farm house and so does our #2 to the point of depression. We miss all that we had built there. We miss the community and friends of that non-media life. We miss the other of inhabitants of the house. We miss how the land spoke to us and we miss our rhythm of our home.  We have not quite gotten that again in the new house. I guess it will take time. 

I do love a great number of new things in our new house and as we turn this place into a LillyZoo again I will be posting here at the MidCentury Farm. We have many projects and life events ahead of us. For almost a year we have making new memories here. 

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